A Perfect Day in Istanbul

With our personal insights, local connections and industry expertise, we know how to create the perfect itinerary for any city in the world. Add in the benefits you receive through our agency and this could your dream day in Istanbul.

Start your day by savoring a scrumptious breakfast on the wide terrace of the Gazebo Lounge at the Ciragan Palace Kempinksi Istanbul. Here, views of the sunrise dancing along the Bosphorus and gentle breezes are a part of a complete breakfast-all of which is a complimentary perk for your stay at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul when booked through our agency.


Begin your sightseeing with the timelessly majestic Blue Mosque. Built between 1609 and 1616, the mosque derives its name from the blue tiles found on the interior walls. As popular a tourist destination as it is, this is still an active place of worship. Proper attire is required, and non-worshippers will not be permitted entrance during the five daily prayers. While absolute, these rules simply add to the sense of divine serenity during your visit.


From the Blue Mosque, leisurely stroll over to the Basilica Cistern. An underground freshwater lake roughly the size of two football fields, the cistern was constructed in 532 AD by the Byzantine Empire. You can enjoy marveling at this subterranean Atlantis from well-lit platforms. The pillars are recycled from Roman ruins, and the water is stunningly clear due to the resident population of fish, making for a surreal sight.


Pop over to the Green Corner Cafe & Restaurant, just a short walk from the cisterns. Savor traditional Turkish cuisine in the shade of the quaint outdoor garden's trees.


A short walk down the road from the caf?, the Istanbul Archaeology Museum is actually comprised of three different museums. Between the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Orient and the Museum of Islamic Art, there's over one million objects to observe, spanning almost every era and civilization throughout time-perfect for a few hours of cultural discovery.


No trip to Istanbul is complete without a visit to the Grand Bazaar. Whether you're shopping for the perfect souvenir or just looking to spend a few hours amongst the thriving scene, the 4,000 shops spread across 61 covered streets makes for an enthralling adventure whichever way you venture. Shopping at the Grand Bazaar is part-dance, part-art, part-negotiation. Our advice: Be ready to barter, and always make the vendor name their opening price.


As the sun is starting to dip down, head back towards your hotel with a walk over the Galata Bridge. It's here that you'll see the hilltop mosques silhouetted by the soft glow of the sunset, an enchanting view at this hour. Head to the lower level of the bridge to find it hosts a whole stable of street food and cafes-the perfect place for dinner while you watch the ferries float by.


Conclude your day at the Sanitas Spa, Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul's authentic Turkish hammam. Let the weight of the day's adventures melt away with a traditional Turkish massage and bath, and head to bed feeling more refreshed than when you started the day.

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